EP No. 2 in the works

Although it seems we’ve been on radio silence for a bit…never fear!..the radio has never been louder! We’re hard at work making progress on EP No. 2, and are pleased with our progress. It’s been a fantastic voyage so far, and soon you’ll be invited aboard this vessel. Keep checking back!

Deepest Darkest at Secret Society Ballroom Friday, January 31st 2014

Deepest Darkest at Alhambra Theatre (Lounge) Friday, August 16th 2013

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Deepest Darkest at Mississippi Pizza Saturday, October 20th 2012

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Stay off the bath salts, everone; enjoy live music and beer.

With summer slowly achieving its full glory, our excitement for the new EP is through the roof. We’ve taken some time off from playing live, and spent it laying down tracks for the EP. Well, now we’re done with the tracking, and while the album is being polished and tuned we thought it a good time to play the White Eagle, one of our favorite places. We’ll be sharing the bill with Brave Julius and Welfare. The even kicks off at 9:30 (we’ll play last), and costs $6. Hope to see you there!

Deepest Darkest

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Recording a Record

The band has been hard at work for weeks now – setting up, tuning up and laying down tracks at the new Deepest Darkest studio. Without a hired engineer or studio staff, it has required us to be very hands on with everything from getting the perfect sound to making coffee runs. The hard work seems to be paying off, as we’re very excited about the sounds. Some may not know this, but Matthew has an audio engineering degree from Full Sail in Florida, so we’ve enjoyed his expertise and know-how with every aspect of the process. Nat is a registered tone freak, and has a knack for knowing when something sounds sweet. And Jared? He’s what we like to call, “The Architect”. He sees the big picture and is keen on when to redo, rewrite or print.

Doing it yourself can be a dangerous game in the world of recording music. If you have inadequate equipment, you can sometimes still make a great album if you have an acoustically pleasing room. If you don’t have either, then you’d better at least have great songs and great musicians. If you have none of these, a DIY project has the benefit of an unlimited time frame to get it done. It can be a blessing and a curse: you can redo every take until you get it just right, but sometimes the project stretches into eternity if you are too picky. While we feel we have decent gear, and some nice sounding rooms, I particularly appreciate the guys in the band being seasoned vets at knowing the right amount of time to spend on each part of a tune. I myself tend to be a bit of a ‘settler’ but I’ve been gently nudged into having a higher standard. Having the ability to spend a day recording, then listening to board mixes for a couple days on our own has been extremely helpful in deciding if a part sounds perfect. I don’t know that I’ll ever want to have that luxury taken away by recording at an hourly rate in someone else’s studio.

To sum it up, we’re having a blast, and getting some great results. We hope to bring them to you very soon!